A Long Weekend In Cairo

There are few cities in the world that have a timeline that stretches back over 6000 years and Cairo is one of them. It is top place to visit while on Egypt tour. It is a city that can hardly explored in a few days, but as with older cities, this is nowhere near enough time, so once again I had to ration myself. Cairo visit is most memorable after visit to Dublin and one of the best travel in Middle East. Suffice to say I will be back, hopefully after a victorious revolution finally rids the people of military backed and state sponsored dictatorship. I went toward the end of summer after I stumbled across a bargain flight that I just couldn’t refuse, so off I went. I stayed in shall we say budget accommodation, I figured I could deal with it for 3 nights and I could just, it was cheap and clean, but that was it.

Visit to Giza

I kicked off with the almost obligatory visit to the great Pyramids of Giza, yes very touristy, but this is what happens in a country where tourist revenue is so important to the economy. In essence you make a day of it by climbing up the inside of the pyramid to the burial chamber of the Pharoe Khufu, then climbing all the way back down again, you take a short walk to the Sphinx along a paved thoroughfare, finally the Solar Boat museum exhibits a boat that belonged to Khufu. In attempt to obtain a less organized perception of ancient Egypt, I took a day trip to the Pyramids of Dashur, located some 45 minutes south of Cairo. I don’t know about you but it seemed a much more productive use of my time than visiting the state of the art city stars complex shopping centre which is my idea of holiday hell!

My Cairo Visit Review

Cairo is not called the city of a thousand minarets for nothing, in fact this is actually not true there are at least 10,000 in the city and the sound of invocation to prayer most definitely adds to the sense of history that seems to exude from the city. This being the largest and arguably most culturally and politically significant city in Egypt, if not North Africa, a visit to the old town just had to be done.

Cairo old town can boast over 600 monuments which showcase the cultural influences on the city from the 6th century until the present day. With best and I have to be honest most unsuccessful haggling head on failed abysmally to negotiate on spice purchases and present for my significant other, still the effort was appreciated and the attempt is of course what is expected. A quick trip up the Cairo Tower gave me a stunning view over the city. Finally, during my time I sampled some of the sweetest teas and confections I have ever tried and some of the nicest spicy food I have ever eaten, the city was great and most certainly enthused me to want to go back, I hope this is sooner rather than later.

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