Beautiful, Erie Lake Crescent

Mysterious of the deep. Erie Lake Crescent is infamous for its history and apparent disappearing. After turning off from the highway and into the Olympic National Forest, following signs directing a group of us to a possible camp ground or park located near Lake Crescent. As luck would turn out and driving down in a spiraling down motion towards a beautiful large house. Surrounding it were several smaller cabins that awaited families and vacation go-getters to settle in and call home for the summer. But it was January and we were out of the seasonal range to rent out a cabin. Nonetheless walking out to the opening mouth of the lake, where the dock perched out into an inviting premise.

The scenery alone was breath-taking, standing there on the dock it seemed as if you were looking out between two mountains rising out of the water into an endless wave of clear, crystal water.

Some of the history behind Erie Lake Crescent is mind blowing. One fact being that the lake was created from the last Ice Age, where the clear crystal water is indeed melted glaciers. From there Mother Nature took her course by causing a landslide to fill the already made hole with water.

Now for the Erie lake part, the depth of the lake itself goes far beyond what has been able to be measured. So there has been no real number, everyone throws around 600 to 1,ooo feet deep.

From the possible ‘accidents’ that have been reported. A few people have gone missing, dating back to 1929 and in 1937. So far nothing of the sort has happened since those times. But hearing the stories around a campfire late at night, while staying at Lake Crescent will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

If you decided to take a road trip up to Northern Washington and go West of Port Angeles, you’ll be wrapped up in one of the most beautiful rain forests imaginable. The rain forest will give you little glimpse of Brazil forest tour. After stopping by at Marymere Falls, where it’ll take you a good hike to spot the waterfalls. But if you decide a hike is in the books, going to Lake Quinault which have well maintained trails.

What I didn’t expect to find was the serene quiet that lingers over the lake, breathing in the fresh mountain air and discovering a new vacation spot.

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