Buenos Aires Visit: Top Buenos Aires Attractions Guide

A combustible use of European styles and architecture ignite into a cauldron of energy and passion when lit with a distinctly Latin American way of life, this is Buenos Aires.

The capital of Argentina may borrow from Europe, but it makes what it borrows its own, and the result is the style of Paris, the entertainment and bustle of London, the culture of Rome, and the weather of Madrid. In other words, Buenos Aires has it all.

Buenos Aires has a seductively easy charm, and can be of staggering contrast between tradition and contemporary, slick and ragged, and rich and poor.

Buenos Aires Visit Attractions

Buenos Aires is the most culturally rich city in the southern hemisphere, and has countless art galleries, museums, and boutique shops, not to mention the highest concentration of theaters anywhere in the world. Finding a cultural gem is not hard, and visitors are spoilt for choice.

Teatro Colon

For an old fashioned visit to the opera, there are few places on the planet that match up to the grand Teato Colon, and imposing century old homage to classical music forms. An impressive structure, the Teatro Colon sits in one of the city’s most cosmopolitan areas, and is easily accessed on bus, metro or by car. Considered as one of the top five best opera houses in the world in terms of acoustics, the Teatro Colon is a place to soak up opera, ballet, or the orchestra, all in the most stunning of settings


Palermo is a whole neighborhood or barrio in Buenos Aires, but this is the most populated district in the city and it’s a hub of tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, and local culture. Finding things to do in Palermo is easy, and this is an upmarket area where bustling streets allow you to mingle with native portenos, while the large parks offer tranquillity in one of the world’s busiest cities. A walk in Tres de Febrero Park will make you think you are on a country stroll, while the city zoo and Galileo Planetarium will satisfy kids, as well as the young at heart.


Tigre sits just 28km from Buenos Aires city centre and is easily reached by bus, train and car. This area is a stark contrast to the thronging beat of the city, instead Tigre is a tranquil sub-tropical paradise that is situated on the Rio de la Plata delta, and the forested banks offer plenty of space to laze away an afternoon. For the more adventure inclined a river cruise is available for you to see the network of islands and waterways that make up the delta. Retail therapy is available in the form of a very charming market which specializes in gorgeous wood furniture, and amazing prices, while a local theme park (Parque de la Costa) is sure to keep any thrill seeker happy.


Buenos Aires is famed for the individual nature of its residential architecture, where generous planning laws mean rarely are two houses the same. One place in the city has become world famous for truly expressing this freedom, and has become a museum and symbol of Argentine culture, it is Caminito. This street located in the “La Boca” district is not only a testament to building freedom, but also a venue of worldwide cultural significance, as one of the birthplaces of ballroom tango. The brightly colored houses have become a symbol of this area, and to many visitors it is the defining image of Buenos Aires.

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