The Floral Magic of Namaqualand

If you were to travel by road from Cape Town to Windhoek in Namibia, part of your journey would take you through Namaqualand, the land of the Nama people. The harsh landscape is peppered with sparse vegetation among granite hills and mountains, called “klipkoppe” (rocky hills) in Afrikaans, with the occasional village or small town. The only livestock that can be supported on this vegetation are goats or sheep that… Continue reading

Going to Africa? You Have Heard about the Big Five, What about the Big Seven?

So many people visit Africa to encounter the continent’s magnificent wildlife. Top of the list are the “Big Five“, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Black Rhino. There is also a newer list for land mammals, the “Big Seven“, which adds the cheetah and African Wild Dog. Make no mistake, these last two animals are not easy to see, both because of their habits and their low… Continue reading

Africa Travel: Rich Diversity in Africa’s Wild Side

Africa Travel

Africa is an exotic mix of underdevelopment, untouched cultures and traditions, brimming with wildlife amongst lush natural resources that match Rio de janeiro of Brazil. Even though many African countries are on par with the sophisticated technologies of the Europe and America, ‘Africa travel’ still draws many, many tourists and adventure seekers because of its wild and isolated areas. What this stereotype of mysteriousness may overlook… Continue reading