Lavardin – Village on the Loir

No, that is not a spelling error, the Loire is not the only river in Central France; in its vicinity are the Cher and the Loir. When we talk about the Loire Valley, they are included them in the region, although each river has its own history and attractions. Lavardin is a small village on the Loir River that has been around for at least a thousand years. While it… Continue reading

5 Reasons why you need to visit Barcelona

You may know it because of their famous soccer team, but the Catalonian capital of Barcelona boasts much more than just a national sporting brand. Barcelona is a beautiful European city that’s filled with great food, a rich history, some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, scenic beaches, fantastic shopping and many other activities and attractions to keep any traveler happy. Whether you are rolling solo, going for… Continue reading

5 Neighborhoods you need to know in London

London is hands down one of the most popular cities in the world and when you look at the depth of history, culture and diversity, it’s no surprise why it is also one of the more popular tourist destinations in Europe. Like many other world cities, London has its fair share of noise and chaos but more often than not, that all translates into excitement and intrigue to please any… Continue reading

Places to Visit in Rome: Best Sites of Rome in One Day

The Eternal City of Rome has become one of the major tourist destinations of the world. This 3000 old city boasts an ethereal charm and has a cultural and historical backbone that few cities can rival; indeed Rome is a maze of ancient streets and breath-taking architectural delights. Of course, Rome has been a melting pot of the arts and culture for millennia, and people flock to the Italian capital… Continue reading

London: A Country Of Museums

Many people spend big money on an overseas trip then pass the time browsing through the shops at things they cannot afford anyway. This sounds a bit silly. After all they have shops everywhere, don’t they? London shops certainly do not have to stand back for any other city. What make London special for many people are its museums. Like brazilian museums, London’s museums are best to peep in… Continue reading

Places To Visit: Say ‘Bonjour’ To France, Part 1

Places to Visit in France

France seems to be a country that can easily boast having something for everybody, young or old. Visitors can sunbathe on the beautiful beaches along the Cote d’Azur, marvel at the breathtakingly picturesque scenery of Normandy, ski in the magnificent French Alps or enjoy the romance of the country’s capital city Paris. There are many cities and places to visit in France.… Continue reading

A Total Eclipse in Antalya, Turkey

Located on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, Antalya enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine every year and is a recognized and firmly established tourist destination. It has a history stretching back approximately 50,000 years and has been conquered by civilizations from the Hittites to the Romans and The Ottomans. Antalya’s status as the Turkish Rivera was not the reason for my trip to Turkey in spring 2006. The previous… Continue reading

Come to Edinburgh….

The Scottish capital will always have a special place in my heart, in essence because I associate so many fond innocent childhood memories of summer holidays with my now deceased grandparents. I have fond memories of climbing Arthurs Seat, the slot machines on Portobello beach and plentiful supplies of fish suppers (this reminded me my visit to Warsaw). As an adult I find the city, (indeed Scotland as… Continue reading

A Long Weekend in Dublin

Those choosing to visit the Irish capital will won’t get bored in a city which has managed to maintain its cultural, historical and artistic lineage and establish itself as an internationally recognised destination. Without sounding negative, because Dublin is an amazing city, it is one of the ‘most expensive City on the planet’. I mean when I was there people from London were complaining about the price of a drink,… Continue reading

Visiting Warsaw City: Spending One Week

Day 1 in Warsaw

As a city it is fair to say that not many cities have been blown up, occupied or otherwise tormented as Warsaw and its population. So, as a modern history enthusiast I was in heaven, it is also fair to say that unless you are planning to stay for a month, you will have to choose your attractions. We opted for the Copernicus museum on the… Continue reading