National Parks in Wyoming

National Parks in Wyoming There are three national parks in Wyoming: Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area. Let’s talk about all three! Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park, the very first national park ever created (in 1872), is in the shape of a rough square, with practically all of it occupying the northwest corner of Wyoming. Its western boundary overlaps slightly into the northeast corner of Idaho, and… Continue reading

The Old West Lives Again

The “romance of the Wild West” – specifically the “Wild West” of the United States of America – has long intrigued city-dwellers around the world who have never seen a horse up-close, let alone ridden on one. They’ve seen movies featuring the laconic cowboy, the Native Americans who can be villains or victims, mustachioed bandits after gold, and the Calvary that rides to the rescue at the last minute. Many… Continue reading

Adventure Tourist Places in America (USA)

Are you looking for a bit of adventure tourist places that will make your next holiday unforgettable? Then you don’t have to look too far. There are some great places waiting to give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

You may consider white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. The beauty of this giant one of a kind landscape makes a visit more than worthwhile. Be… Continue reading

Beautiful, Erie Lake Crescent

Mysterious of the deep. Erie Lake Crescent is infamous for its history and apparent disappearing. After turning off from the highway and into the Olympic National Forest, following signs directing a group of us to a possible camp ground or park located near Lake Crescent. As luck would turn out and driving down in a spiraling down motion towards a beautiful large house. Surrounding it were several smaller cabins that… Continue reading

Miami Tourist Attractions Guide by Native American

Miami offers a tropical climate in the midst of a modern city, a vibrant American culture mixed with strong Latin neighborhoods, relaxing days on the beach with a high rise skyline of commerce as a backdrop. Truly Miami is a city of contrasts. In this post I will share my experience about Miami tourist attractions. Much of Miami is about blowing away misconceptions, where high culture, fine art and world… Continue reading

Old Memories: Here comes the Crystal Ballroom, Oregon

Dreams come true in some odd places. Yet I’ve discovered friends are found at the right time, waiting around the corner. Historical Importance Beat Poetry, Jazz and Blues that’s what the Crystal Ballroom was built from. While the Great Depression raved on a dance hall belonged to the kids that where trying to get away from the gloom of it all. After the infamous ballroom was handed down by numerous… Continue reading

Travel Tips: Arizona’s Great Pride – Grand Canyon

One of Arizona’s great prides-Grand Canyon is a s a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona.  A very  inspiring landscape, Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its grandeur. This natural wonder stretches at 277 miles from one end to the other, its hilly and rough walls descending more than a mile to the Grand… Continue reading