England: A Country of Culture and Diversity

When many of us think of going overseas for vacation we think of sun, sand and excitement. This usually means our minds direct us to the Caribbean or Australia. But what about England? a city that is a little different from the rest with lots to offer.

World Heritage Sites in England

England is Britain’s largest city and such an amazing place to visit. England is home to over 20 of Britain’s world heritage sites, including Stonehenge in the South west, Hadrian’s Wall in the North East, Canterbury Cathedral in the South East and of course the Tower of London (See Picture Above) in England’s capital London.

Tourist Attractions

In every region in England there are also many outstanding attractions. Ranging from the National Gallery of Art in London to the famous Old Major Oak Tree from the Stories of Robin Hood in Nottingham. The major oak tree for example is a great experience for the young ones filled with fantasy and reality, whilst the National Gallery of Art for the culturist tourist.

Shopping in England

Also the English population adore shopping. From the bright lights of Oxford Street to the medieval rows of Chester, England has endless shopping choices that you will be spoiled for choice on where to start.

For the food lovers England has a lot of native dishes, from Cornish cream tea and English wines to smokey Northumberland kippers and Brick Lane curries, English food is exciting but also diverse.

Sports in England

Also the English love sports. Some might even argue that there is nothing like experiencing a charged atmosphere at a English stadium. Football is the national sport, and no matter where you choose to go you will never be far from a football stadium. But if that’s not your game England is also home of tennis, rugby and cricket. They also have the world famous Trent bridge cricket ground in Nottingham.

But if you do want sun, sand and excitement England has beautiful coastlines that span over 600 miles. Just make sure you go between June and August to catch the English summer. This is also the time when the water sports become popular.

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