Heaven in Paris

At the beginning of this year a few friends of mine took a trip to Paris, Berlin and London. While I stayed at home sulking wishing I could have been on that trip as well. But as luck would have it, while it would be wonderful to stay in luxurious hotels…a site ended up landing in my lap that I would just have to share.

Haven In Paris, funny enough doesn’t only accommodate to Paris but to Tuscany, London and Provence. So how do you feel about vacation rentals? Now don’t say no right away, this website has picked places that are off the map a bit so you get to experience the hidden gems of the city you want to stay in. What to stay in a Country Side Villa in the village of Bonnieux, in a has that can sleep twelve? If that isn’t a get away, I don’t what it is. And also you can set up a schedule of how long you would want to be there and don’t forget to check their special offers weekly.

Wouldn’t you prefer to save some money and then truly be able to live in a rental home within the Tuscany countryside? Yes, I hear a resounding yes. Even better the website offers services such as a baby sitter, personal driver and cooking classes. Without worry you can read up on the about page where you will be introduced to the staff of Haven in Paris. And obviously they just want you to have the time of your life, like we should be able to while on vacation.

Haven In Paris is also accompanied with the HiP Paris  Blog where you will be given touring advice, what you should see instead of just traveling to visit the Eiffel Tower. And Erica Berman goes into details about the fashion that is currently blooming on the Parisian streets.

So the question comes down to, are you looking for a get away to a city that will fulfill your dreams? Want to be able to stay in your own space?, out in the country just to spend your days winding down in a vineyard that you walked to? With those questions popping up in your mind, go ahead and take a look at the website and see what you’ll like. Maybe you’ll be booking a rental home sooner than you previously thought.

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