The Mystery of Impossible Making of Inside Pyramid

They should not be there simply because they are impossible. Yet there are hundreds in different corners of our planet and all carry the same mystery: how did they get inside Pyramid?

Whether you call them mounds or pyramids they are a mystery that still has to be solved.

The most fascinating of them all is the Great Pyramid of Giza, also known as the Pyramid of Khufu.

Architecture of Pyramid

It was built to standards so precise and complex that builders and architects today will find them difficult to duplicate. The building material is blocks of sandstone all weighing about two tons. It is massive and the last remaining wonder of the ancient world.

Impossible Making of Inside Pyramid

Scientists tell us the pyramid took 20 years to complete. The blocks are fitted together so precisely that no cement was needed to keep them together. This is an irritating little problem for scientists. The construction has been erected by people who lived in a time when they probably could not have had the knowledge, instruments and tools to create with such precision. The structure requires very complex calculations and very precise measurements. It also required the kind of tools that the ancient Egyptians as far as we know did not have.

Another problem is the weight of the building blocks. If we can accept that a hundred thousand people took twenty years to build it then yes, it is probably at a stretch of the imagination possible that they could have dragged the blocks up the structure. Now comes the problem.

People who went into cracks and corners inside Pyramid that tourists do not normally see, say there are small spaces covered by the gigantic blocks. The spaces are so small that one man can’t even fit in there. If so then who placed the rocks in position?  So, even with all the muscle power in the world the Great Pyramid is still impossible. The impossibilities of making Pyramid makes Egypt top travel destination.

Through the years, people came up with many explanations. Some say it was built by a race of giants, others say aliens made it. All we really know for certain is that it is there.

So, there is an idea for your next holiday: Head to Giza, Egypt and see the Great Pyramid for yourself. Also spend a weekend in Cairo and, It will be quite possible that you will come back with more questions than answers, but the experience will be a fascinating one.

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