London: A Country Of Museums

Many people spend big money on an overseas trip then pass the time browsing through the shops at things they cannot afford anyway. This sounds a bit silly. After all they have shops everywhere, don’t they?

London shops certainly do not have to stand back for any other city. What make London special for many people are its museums. Like brazilian museums, London’s museums are best to peep in the history of rich culture and diversity of England. There are hundreds to choose from and many of them provide a mind-boggling experience.

If you still think of museums as dusty, dry, boring places where you see really, really old stuff, sneeze and move on, think again. There are things to do and things to see.

Two examples are the Science museum and Natural History Museum (photo). Here you can blast of on an Apollo mission into space and feel like you are really there thanks to the 3D and 4D simulators. If you prefer to watch a film rather tour outer space, there is always the gigantic screen in the IMAX 3D studio. Forget about interactive tours on the net. This one is the real deal.

A visit to the British Museum is unforgettable. Once you leave, you will know more about the Rosetta stone, black obelisk and the ingenious ways people in the dark years long ago used to measure time or get from place to place. You will learn about many, many things. Here you get up close and personal with our planet and how it got to be the way it is. As is the case with the Scientific Museum the British Museum offers sleepovers for kids up to 11 years old on a regular basis.

London is museum mad. There are museums for sports, transport, cartoons, all things military, music, toys, household brands, design, cars and a lot more.

London is also walk mad. Instead of actually going to a museum, experience the museum that is London by taking on of the many London walks, You can take a Jack the Ripper walk, ghost walk, or a pub walk and it you can still walk straight after that, go on a Harry Potter walk.

Or of course, you can go and browse around in the shops.

London is an experience. When you visit it, visit it well. It will open many new worlds for you.

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