Places Not to Propose

There’s a time and a place for everything they say. So if the time is right to pop the question place yourself in a winning situation by staying away from shoddy, trashy places that could kill marital bliss before it even happens. On this planet you are not going to find a fairyland but popping the question where the gremlins rule is courting trouble. There are some places not recommended for asking your sweetheart to marry you. They could be enough to take the spark out of the moment.

California – Nevada, America

One such a place is Death Valley National Park in California and Nevada. The name should be enough to make you think twice but if can’t take a hint when you see it prepare for trouble. Your mouth will probably be dry enough as you prepare to propose, you don’t need sand in it too. Although striking, this place is the driest and hottest desert in North America. Dry, hot sand and often windy weather and romance do not usually go hand in hand.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam radiates beauty and romance, however not in all parts of the city. Popping the question in the Red Light District of Amsterdam with prostitutes exhibiting their wares in windows is not going to be your lady’s favorite place. This area is more of a sleazy district where men roam and lust takes preference over love.

Las Vegas Strip, America

Marriage is a sobering thought. The last thing you want is some drunken 21-year- old to stagger into you just as you start popping the question. In the Las Vegas Strip this is very possible as many of them celebrate the fact that they have reached the age where they can abuse alcohol without the police or their parents watching. The topless bars and gamblers everywhere, not to even mention the crowds of people, make this place as much of a winner as an ice-cream in the winter.

Linfen, China

Things are getting better in Linfen, China but it is still not a city where you cannot breathe easily and breathing easily is what you need when you want to get that all important question off your chest. If you insist to propose there however, buy facemasks for both yourself and your beloved and amidst wheezing and backdrop of gloom and smog, pop the question and hope for the best.

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