Places To Visit: Say ‘Bonjour’ To France, Part 1

Places to Visit in France

France seems to be a country that can easily boast having something for everybody, young or old. Visitors can sunbathe on the beautiful beaches along the Cote d’Azur, marvel at the breathtakingly picturesque scenery of Normandy, ski in the magnificent French Alps or enjoy the romance of the country’s capital city Paris. There are many cities and places to visit in France. Today i am posting about Paris and Normandy.

Visit Paris

Paris is located on the River Seine and the city has a delightful ambience with its open-air cafes and magical boulevards lined with trees. A visit and things to do in Paris wouldn’t be complete without seeing the amazing Eiffel Tower which stands an impressive 1,063 feet. Don’t panic if someone suggests going to the top as visitors are only permitted to go up the tower’s first 3 floors, this is still 902 feet so if you don’t have a head for heights I’d keep your feet firmly on the ground.


If you’ve had enough of the bright lights of the city then head underground to the Catacombs, a network of spooky tunnels intended to act as underground quarries which would provide the rock required for the city’s construction. The spooky part came later around 1787 when the locals realized the cemeteries were becoming overcrowded and had to source another location for the deceased, that’s where the Catacombs came in handy. The bones of the dead were stacked in very decorative designs and today visitors can walk the eerie tunnels and observe the bones.

The Louvre

For historians and art lovers alike a visit to The Louvre is essential; the highly esteemed museum and art gallery was founded in 1793 and plays host to numerous spectacular exhibits of antiquities including Egyptian, Roman and Greek. Visitors can discover the beautiful sculptures throughout The Louvre representing a myriad of countries including Spain, France and Italy. Works of art are plentiful with the most famous being the beautiful Mona Lisa painting created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1504.

Visit Normandy

France has an array of stunning regions to visit with Normandy sitting on the northwestern coast being one of the most popular for scenery; the town of Bayeux is medieval and this is apparent in the town’s beautiful architecture and the famous Notre Dame Cathedral dating back to 1077.


A British war cemetery is located in Bayeux and is impeccably maintained with gorgeous red roses and perennials throughout the grounds, over the road from this is the Memorial Museum of The Battle of Normandy marking the events from the 7th of June to the 29th August in 1944. Of course, no visit to Bayeux would be complete without seeing the famous Bayeux Tapestry that displays the Battle of Hastings and spans approximately 80 metres in length.


A lesser-known region of France is Limousin that is positioned in the middle of the country and located around the town of Limoges. The region boasts serene lakes, magnificent mountains, valleys and dense forests; there are quaint, all but undiscovered villages dotted throughout this stunning region. France holds so much allure for visitors and it’s no wonder as the country simply oozes a unique captivating charm and the air is full of history, mystery and a touch of romance.

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