Places to Visit in Rome: Best Sites of Rome in One Day

The Eternal City of Rome has become one of the major tourist destinations of the world. This 3000 old city boasts an ethereal charm and has a cultural and historical backbone that few cities can rival; indeed Rome is a maze of ancient streets and breath-taking architectural delights. Of course, Rome has been a melting pot of the arts and culture for millennia, and people flock to the Italian capital in their millions each year to sample what the Eternal City has to offer.

If you are planning a trip to Rome, what are the best places to visit in Rome in one day that this stunning destination has to offer? All of the below destinations can be accessed within a one day visit of Rome, perfect for those on a whistle stop tour of Italy guide.

Places To Visit in Rome

The Colosseum & Arch of Constantine

In many ways a sightseeing trip to Rome is pointless without taking in the city’s most famous building, the mighty Colosseum. The most famed location in the entire city, the Colosseum is a testament to the prowess of Rome and the Roman Empire at its peak 2000 years ago. Built between 70AD and 80AD, the impressive Colosseum was created as a sort of ancient stadium, a gladiatorial amphitheater that held a massive 70,000 people. The building has held up well to the scrutiny of time, and it is a highlight of any visit to Rome.

Roman Forum

Ancient Rome was a vibrant place that beat to the footsteps of nearly a million inhabitants, and the Roman Forum was the hub of the city. The place that was the seat of power, economy, and the military, the Forum was the place to be. In many ways it still is, but now the ancient Romans have been replaced by lines of tourists seeking out the old temples and buildings dotted around the site.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon was the religious center of Ancient Rome, and even today it is a focal point of religion in the Eternal City. The Pantheon boasts the largest free standing concrete dome in the world, a massive achievement considering it is two thousand years old, and of course this makes it one of the city’s most impressive buildings.

Trevi Fountain

Rome has a few special looking fountains, but the most famous of them all is the Trevi Fountain, a spectacle that must be seen to be believed. A romantic hotspot, a visit to Trevi Fountain means adhering to a tradition of tossing a coin over your shoulder into the waters of the fountain. It is said that if you do this task that you will visit Rome again at some point in the future.

Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps sit at the top of one of Rome’s hills, and the 138 steps reach the summit and afford stunning views across Rome.

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