The Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations For Newlyweds (Part 1)

The wedding was beautiful… Your mother has finally managed to redo her makeup again after it was ruined by an hours worth of joyful sobbing… Your guests are now using your day as an excuse to dance, get drunk and be merry….And the reception has turned into a hunting ground for single women, all anxious to snap up a suitor in the hopes that next time this will be for them.

Nothing like the big day – Honeymoon

But while all of that is going on back there you and your new spouse are in the departure lounge at the airport, arms around each other, waiting excitedly for your flight number to be called so that you can be whisked off together to some far away, exotic location. These are the memories you’ll never forget.

Picking the right honeymoon location is as important for your big day as picking the right wedding dress, or the right best man. Make the wrong decision and it could put a slight dampener on what is meant to be a perfect occasion for you and your new Mr or Mrs.

Nobody wants to spend their honeymoon arguing when it could very easily be spent in a fine hotel, under the covers together on some romantic paradise island. So we’ve decided to list our favorite honeymoon spots. Just to give your married life that exciting start that it deserves.

Here goes…. Honeymoon Destinations

#5 St Lucia: The pride of the Caribbean, St Lucia, is everything you could possibly want and desire…and more. The island is awash with gorgeous, palm-filled beaches, as well as humid rainforests and vast mountains. Locals here are extremely friendly and often join honeymooners for a tipple of fine Caribbean rum and a joke or two. St Lucia is considered a safe place (check this travel guide for St Lucia), so there will be no hiding away in your suite for the duration of your stay. It is definitely a paradise Island that you can truly enjoy.

#4 Tahiti: Tahiti is fast becoming one of the most popular modern day honeymoon destinations for couples. Located in French Polynesia, Tahiti, and it’s surrounding islands, have what can only be described as an intoxicating nature. The history of the island is fascinating. French and Caribbean cultures have blended together perfectly here, forming what is a fun, laid back atmosphere that virtually every visitor falls in love with. The islands themselves are covered in perfect white sand, lush inlands, and fragrant flowering plants.

There is a multitude of things to do in Tahiti: including snorkeling, fine dining, sunbathing, pearl shopping and even just taking time out to enjoy the abundance of beauty everywhere.

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