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Travel Tips: Arizona’s Great Pride – Grand Canyon

One of Arizona’s great prides-Grand Canyon is a s a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona.  A very  inspiring landscape, Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its grandeur. This natural wonder stretches at 277 miles from one end to the other, its hilly and rough walls descending more than a mile to the Grand Canyon’s floor to reach the Colorado River.

How to get there

You can drive and enjoy the amazing scenic spots directed along the way. When you are coming from the South Rim you cannot ignore the lush Kaibab National Forest which you can find along the way. If you are coming through the North Rim, you will pass by the Jacob Lake. However, this is only usually open from middle of May to Middle of October.

You can also take the restored vintage trains that have many myths. Round trips to the Grand Canyon are available. You can enjoy a different kind of experience as you watch the beautiful scenery changes right before your eyes.

Safe, reliable and reasonable public transport from the areas surrounding  Grand canyon are also available including Arizona shuttle to get you from a particular location and hop aboard a bus going to the canyon.

Where you can stay

There are lots of hotels you can choose from depending on which entrance you will come from. Some of these hotels are The Grand Hotel, Grand Canyon National Park Lodges and Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn among so many others. Each hotel offers different unique services as well. But one good piece of advice to consider; book in advance.

What activities you can do

For an exciting view of the canyon, you can also fly using a private or chartered aircraft for a breathtaking great experience. The Grand Canyon airport is located near the South Rim.

Regardless of the length of your stay, you can have a myriad of exciting things you can enjoy at the canyon.  Aside from appreciating and enjoying the magnificent sights and sceneries, there are also some adventures and recreations you can do as well. These include hiking (simple hiking to rigorous hiking), rafting (motorized or oar-powered expeditions which last for a few days up to two weeks) and biking around the canyon. You can also explore the Grand Canyon with a tour guide whether on foot or on a bike.

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